Our hotels Group

We Are an independant hotels Group in France and Europe with ten years experience in putting together packages in some of France’s most beautiful regions, the Traveltour
– Grouptour group offers a selection of 47 hotels across France and Europe.

We propose you an incoming agency, in Provence, on the French Riviera, in the Alps, Paris, loire castle valley or in Italy, Swiss, Austrian Tyrol. Traveltour offers the very best quality at competitive quality and prices, for a variety of holiday packages ranging from one-night stops to all-inclusive 7 night stays.

The group represents independent hotels including:
- 37 hotels in France’s most beautiful regions
- 10 hotels in Europe
Bringing together tour wholesalers and travel consultants on hand to guide you through all the steps of your travel plans, from putting your package holiday together to providing a follow-up service, Traveltour is a unique contact for your Incoming ingenering in France and Europe.

Pick and choose your perfect trip by

  • Theme
  • Region/Country

You’ll be able to book your stay in one of our partner hotels, or send your specific requests using our quote page.

Traveltour offers a comprehensive service at unbeatable prices for families, friends, groups, clubs and tourism professionals.

Let us organize your trip, whilst our hotelier looks after the services you require.

Feel free to contact our team at: info@traveltour.fr or call us on + 33 (0)4 42 36 03 77.