Group travel specialists

Our role: organizing all-inclusive or custom-made trips for groups in France and Europe.

Traveltour sets the standard in organized trips and stays for all types of groups.

Our team of professionals are expert group travel organizers, and are at your service to provide the very best quality and value. Our travel consultants and tour wholesalers are on hand to put together your group travel plans. Over 1,000 groups have already entrusted their trips to us - so what are you waiting for?

Our operators are at your disposal to draw up a group programme that meets your needs and fits your budget.

What are the benefits of group travel?

An all-inclusive package means highly competitive rates, but you can add to your trip by mixing and matching services and options, whilst still retaining control over your budget.
Are you a coach service, a tour operator, a travel agency? Members of an association, a club, a professional body? Or are you simply a group of 10 or more who wish to travel together?

Please contact us for further details.

Trust in our ability to provide the very best.

1,000 groups have already benefitted from our team of specialists.

We are a member of the French National Organization of Travel Professionals (SNAV and APS), bringing together French travel agents and tour operators.
We are also associate members of Atout France and the Professional Association of French Travel Agencies, comprising over 3,027 tourism professionals.

Our group travel service includes:

  • An all-inclusive or custom-made group trip chosen from over 43 destinations across France and Europe, planned from scratch or based on and adapted from one of the group trips outlined on our site.
  • A dedicated team of specialists, drawing on 10 years of group travel planning experience.
  •  Quality partners in France and Europe who ensure trips that meet your needs and budget, in line with your preferred length and dates.

Our partners provide original and unique group trips based on our numerous themes. Discover our holidays by the sea or in the mountains, city breaks in France and Europe, and unique tours.   

We are dedicated to ensuring your trip runs smoothly. From initial planning to the final decision and even the trip itself, we are on hand to follow-up.
Our team of group travel professionals and our networks in France and Europe translate into unbeatable value for money and quality.
Our tried and tested partners provide the very best, and have been working with us in France, Italy, Spain and many other European countries for numerous years.

Our range of group trips:
Our group tours offer the chance to revisit old favourites, or discover the charms of a region for the first time:

Group tour Provence
Group tour Côte d’Azur
Group tour Normandy
Group tour Croatia
Group tour Morocco
Group tour Italy
Group tour Spain
Group tour Germany
Group tour Holland
Group tour Belgium
Group tour Alsace

Let your imagination run wild with our ‘art and culture’ group tours, and delve into an artistic wonderland with the ‘fine art’, fashion and music tours across Europe.

For sport club tours, a selection of sporting trips awaits over at Mondosport Travel and Mondoramas.